Clare Lyle

Mathematical Musings

I'm a McGill Math & CS grad about to start a DPhil in CS at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Since I'm between degrees at the moment, I'm teaching computers how to play video games (among other things) at Google Brain, working with Pablo Castro and Marc Bellemare. For examples of code written at 4 in the morning at a hackathon, visit my github profile. For a resume with the projects I actually want potential employers to see, visit my LinkedIn page.

In my time as a Loran Scholar at McGill I had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations, including the university chapter of WUSC, a national NGO that runs some incredible programs, this super cool hackathon, and the McGill Tribune, McGill's best (although I'm slightly biased) student-run newspaper. If you're at McGill right now, you should definitely check out all three.