Clare Lyle

Mathematical Musings

I currently pursuing a DPhil in computer science at a small university just outside of London as a Rhodes Scholar. I spent the previous summer working on reinforcement learning at Google Brain, working with Pablo Castro and Marc Bellemare. For examples of code written at 4 in the morning at a hackathon, visit my github profile. For a resume with the projects I actually want potential employers to see, visit my LinkedIn page.

Before I hopped across the pond, I did my undergrad in Math & CS at McGill University. As a student there I got to work with some awesome organizations, including the university chapter of WUSC, a national NGO that runs some incredible programs, this super cool hackathon, and the McGill Tribune, McGill's best (although I'm slightly biased) student-run newspaper. If you're at McGill University right now, you should definitely check out all three.